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Prospect Castle

Minutes outside Louisville, KY

Rent this beautiful Castle for the Kentucky Derby or a Bourbon Tour on the Bourbon Trail. Family or Corporate Events.

Our Home

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Also known as Scott Castle or the Castle Built with Clicks.


With the Exterior using reinforced concrete walls exceeding 1-foot thickness and extending to the roof, no wood was used to create the exterior walls. Then fortified with natural stone locally sourced from Indiana and Tennessee.

With a dual personality, the front has a traditional English and Scottish look,  while the back of the home has a Tuscany feel. Situated on 10 very private acres of virgin forest in the middle of Kentucky Bourbon country.

Perfect for a Bourbon Adventure, Churchill Downs Kentucky Derby visit, a Corporate Retreat, or a unique family getaway. We do not rent our home out very often, we keep it to less than 15 days a year to maintain that family home feel and not a worn-down bed and breakfast.

We can also customize a Bourbon Tour Experience

At no charge, we would be glad to share all of our knowledge and help you plan a personalized VIP Bourbon experience in the Louisville area.

Base Camp for regional Bourbon and culinary adventures

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Embarking on a customized bourbon tour experience in the Louisville, Kentucky area is like stepping into a world where tradition meets luxury. Imagine beginning your journey at a majestic castle, nestled in the rolling hills of Kentucky, offering an exclusive stay. This castle, a blend of architecture and modern amenities, provides the perfect backdrop for the ultimate bourbon enthusiast's getaway. Each morning, you awaken in your castle setting the tone for the day's bourbon-infused adventures.

The tour can be a curated expedition through some of the most renowned distilleries in the Louisville area, each with its own unique story and flavor profile. Your journey can include private tastings and behind-the-scenes access, where you'll learn the intricacies of bourbon making from the masters themselves. Each distillery visit offers not just a taste, but an education in the rich history and culture of Kentucky bourbon. We can arrange premium transportation options as well.

In the evenings, you return to the castle, where we can arrange a gourmet dining experience, each course thoughtfully paired with select bourbons to enhance the flavors. The castle's chefs incorporate local ingredients, adding an authentic Kentucky touch to every dish. As night falls, you can stroll through the castle's grounds, drink in hand, or partake in exclusive events hosted at the castle, such as bourbon cocktail workshops or fireside chats with bourbon experts. This customized bourbon tour experience in Louisville isn't just a trip; it's an immersion into a lifestyle where history, luxury, and the love of bourbon intertwine, leaving you with memories that linger like the smooth finish of a fine Kentucky bourbon.

Explore the Castle

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We have a 3-night minimum. Most nights are $12,800 a night. The Castle sits on 10 Acres of wooded forest. The street is private to only the 6 other lots. Perfect for VIPs wanting privacy, Corporate Events or Corporate Retreats. Kentucky Derby, PGA and special event nights are higher.


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The owner is happy to help out with planning a Bourbon Tour and give local recommendations at no charge. We can also arrange private catering and other special requests. This castle was 100% financed in 2007 with Pay Per Click revenue from mouse clicks on computers from internet visitors. aka Search Engine Marketing. It is estimated that over 50 million ad clicks on websites owned by Clark Scott were needed to pay for this castle. 

The Castle is family-friendly and will keep kids and adults entertained.

Churchill Downs 2025 Kentucky Derby. $16,000 a night. 3 Night minimum.

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